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Hi, I’m Tristan! I’m a workflow and automation expert
and the founder of Terrific.

We help companies like yours solve problems. Our passion is sales and marketing automation. It’s time for you to improve your service quality, save time, and save money by using automation and the latest online technology.

We’re Zapier Certified Experts and have been deemed by Zapier to have mastered all the Zapier internal apps, and prove that we are able to build advanced workflows, working with multiple cloud-based platforms.

Zapier Certified Expert

We ❤️

We love Zapier

We also have specific experience with Hubspot, Mailchimp, Pipedrive, Airtable, Slack, Campaign Manager, Facebook, LinkedIn and a host of other platforms.

We have experience working with all of these tools and platforms:

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Why automate?

There are hundreds of tasks you and your team do everyday that involve repetition and are prone to errors. It might be something like copying the name of a client, or writing the total amount of the deal in the contract.

When mistakes like this are made it can cause a headache for everyone involved, cost the business money, and jeopardise client relationships. Automation can help solve this problem!

Not only that, but sales and marketing automation can deliver a better experience for your users and clients. A better customer experience will ensure more signs, more sales, and more renewals =💰💰💰

What automation is possible?

It’s a magical world out there on the world wide web and literally hundreds of new possibilities in the automation space are born every day.

If there are tasks you do online each day using a common platform (or sometimes even less common service) then they can be automated.

And thousands and thousands of more possibilities!


We can help you setup automation linking a number of platforms that you are using or are looking at using. The stack will be custom and unique to your business needs.

💵 Lead generation for sales
🙋 Customer service process automation
🤩 Social media promotion and engagement
📬 Email marketing
📊 Data management for operations and accounting

The best way to start is to chat with us on FB Messenger and we can arrange a quick phone call to better explore your dreams and wishes and see what’s possible.

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Our team is location-independent and works remotely from all over the world. However, we’re always available so don’t shy and reach out today!

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